5 Reasons to Say No to Bottled Water Forever | Part Three | Shady Business Practices

Reason #4. Shady Business Ethics & Practices   In this day and age, more and more are companies of all kinds expected to be accountable for their business practices. Wasteful and parasitic business practices that were implemented without a care towards the long term impacts on our environment, our health and the security of our […]

5 Reasons to Say No to Bottled Water Forever | Part Two | Bad for the Environment

  Thank you for checking back in with this week’s continuation of our “Say No to Bottled Water” blogs series. This week’s Reason #3 is so immense that it deserves its very own blog solely unto itself. We hope you learn something valuable here and be sure to share this so others discover the truth […]

5 Reasons to Say No to Bottled Water Forever | Part One | It’s Worse Than Tap Water & Bad for Health

When we originally began crafting this blog, it was our intention to make this a quick read; a rapid-fire burst of facts to help inform our community about the dangers of drinking bottled water. However, as we delved deeper into the research and information around bottled water practices – we were astounded at the information […]

Reverse Osmosis Water: How Does It Work?

Lovingly referred to as “RO water” in our office, reverse osmosis water is the safest, most preferred way to filter your drinking water, hands down. A lot of modern technologies for purifying water sources involves, somewhat incongruously, adding various chemicals into it – such as chlorine or its hybrid cousin, chloramine (a not-so-reassuring blend of […]

Contamination Watch: PFOA & PFOS

BY SHERIKA TENAYA   You may hear them quietly mentioned in the media under the unassuming acronym of PFAs, which stands for per-and polyfluroalkyl substances – a name that hardly describes the prolific and destructive nature of America’s not-so-new class of star contaminants.   What is it?   The two most common types are perfluoroctanoic […]

Kinetico – How A Water Softener Works