Water Treatment Systems in Nampa, ID

Helping Keep Your Water Pure

In Nampa, ID, if you're considering a water treatment system to enhance your water quality, look no further than Kinetico Quality Water. Our extensive range of water treatment products is designed to address various concerns, from eliminating toxic chemicals to reducing mineral content, and even improving the taste of your tap water. Nampa residents and businesses alike can rely on us to deliver tailored solutions.

At Kinetico Quality Water of Nampa, ID, we take pride in serving the local community. Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive suite of services, including system installation, expert repairs, and regular maintenance. With our support, you can enjoy clean, refreshing water in your home or business throughout the Nampa area. 

Call (208) 759-4880 to learn about our water treatment system services in Nampa.

Why Choose Us For Water Treatment Solutions

At Kinetico Quality Water, our plumbers are dedicated to providing you with quality service. We are proud to have been recognized as an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau.

As a locally owned and operated business, we strive to provide you with the best service at an affordable rate.

Give us a call at (208) 759-4880 to learn more about your water treatment options.


Lean on a Team of Experts

Quality Products & Solutions
  • Hard Water
    Hard water contains dissolved calcium, and in many cases, iron.
  • Cloudy Water
    Cloudy water is usually caused by dissolved or suspended solids.
  • Chlorine Taste & Smell
    Chlorine is vital for stopping the spread of disease, though pricey.
  • Tastes & Odors

    If your water tastes or smells funny, you owe it to yourself to find out why.

  • Iron & Manganese Staining
    Your water can contain iron or manganese, get your water test now!
  • Blue-Green Staining
    If water has a low pH, you can see the tell-tale, blue-green stains.

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Customer Reviews
  • “Our softeners, dechlorinators, and drinking water systems are high-quality, easy-to-use products that I feel protect my family and my home”

    - Sarah F.
  • “We really Love our Kinetico system and appreciate Roger so much!”

    - Sheila H.
  • “Very courteous and congenial, they explained everything in detail and left us with no questions.”

    - Roy A.
  • “We have owned a Kinetico Soft water system for about 15 years and LOVE it!”

    - Julie J.
  • “We absolutely love our new Kinetico system”

    - Cherie M.
  • “He was very knowledgeable about Kinetico products and the service he was performing.”

    - Tammy C.